Roman Blinds

For a look that’s sophisticated and elegant, and guaranteed to enhance any decor, take a look at our range of fitted Roman Blinds.

A great way to keep the light out and offer privacy when needed, Roman blinds offer a classic style that’s effortless. One of the many benefits of Roman blinds is that they can be fitted into a recess or on the outside, giving you plenty of options for installation.

What are Roman blinds?

Roman blinds have a very distinctive appearance. They are flat when the blind is fully opened out but pleated when the blind is pulled up. This look is created by combining the fabric with a series of rods or slats which are then attached to cords.

As you pull on the cords to raise the blind, the fabric lifts evenly, dropping neatly into a series of folds. This is what creates the beautiful draped appearance of the Roman blinds which are so popular.